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Horse as medicine: riding and hippotherapy

Excursion to a hippodrome, certainly, will make impression on any child, and for some children communication with horses can become the real medicine.

 In horses admires everything — beauty, grace, force, speed, charm, and the main thing — nobility and devotion. Horses don't suffer falseness — surprisingly, but they feel the person and his attitude towards them at distance.

Children entered into an arena with any silent awe, a miracle anticipation. Even usual pinches for first graders and snickers abated. And in arena corners on a leash there were surprisingly beautiful, precisely being shone in slanting sunshine falling through high windows, horses. For children who for the first time have adjoined to horses so close — a real miracle.

The person always pulled to this extraordinary noble animal. After all communication with it, even short walk by top, gives the mass of positive energy, a charge of cheerfulness and good mood. The adult understands it both heart, and reason, and the child reaches for it intuitively.

It is unlikely there will be a kid who, having caught sight of a charming pony or his high and slender "big brother", wouldn't delay the parent by a hand from all childish forces entreaty: "Well let's drive!"

In total here lives about seventy horses. Each of them has "room" — a stall. Outside on a door of a stall two sacks with oats hang — it is a dinner and a dinner of the owner of apartments. In broad pass between two rows of stalls it is possible to see a box with oats, saddles, body cloths, a harness, special brushes, etc.

Whether you know, what this surprising herbivore on a pasture can eat in the summer from 25 to 100 kilograms of a grass and drink 30-60 liters of water per day? !

Children with surprise found out that horses differ from each other not only breed and growth, but also color and marks... Funny, but it appeared that the name of color of a horse not always coincides with that color which we see. For example, Ruslan — white, but its color is called — gray. If on Ruslan's body black hairs, even rare met, he would be considered as dark gray. Brown horse at whom black mane, the tail and a bottom of feet, is called bay, and spotty — dappled, and they — a big rarity.

And among horses as well as among people, the phlegmatic persons, melancholiacs, sanguine persons and choleric persons meet.

If for the child temperature from 37,5 to 38,5 °C — raised and, most likely, speaks about a virus infection, for a horse it is absolutely normal. Also we breathe differently: in rest the horse breathes about 8-16 times a minute. But during a fast gallop the frequency of its breath increases by 5-7 times. And pulse or frequency of warm blows during a quick gallop from 30–40 beats per minute increases to 120–130. One more curious fact — in a skeleton of a horse is 212 bones. And in it there are no clavicle bones that allows an animal to make big capture of space by forward extremities.

At many horses amusing names: Stapler, Velvet, Lexus. And is very majestic and poetical: Renaissance, Ruslan, Manhattan, Falcon.