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Hotel Lori cottages

Hotel Lori cottages
Hotel Lori cottages

1/1, Antarain Str.

Distance to city center — 0.8 km

The all-USSR camping site was located during soviet time in town Stepanavan . The territory where the cottages are located is surrounded by pine forests. There are two cottages within this territory: Standard and VIP, as well as camp building.


The general capacity of the standard cottage is 18 persons and of VIP cottage is 16 persons.

Standard cottage consists of five single rooms with double beds.

VIP cottage has 4 triple rooms. Every room consists of three rooms with two bedrooms and lounge. There is a king size bed in one bedroom, two queen size beds in the second one as well as a sofa, armchairs, a table, refrigerator, TV, kitchen and tableware.

In the rooms: sofa, armchairs, table, refrigerator, kitchen, tableware, 24-hour room service, satellite television.

In every room: separate bathroom, 24-hour hot and cold water.

The lounge is situated in one if the camp buildings. The guests of the camp and cottages are having their meals in one general dining-room