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White Tiger to be premiered in Armenia

The premiere of the film ‘White Tiger’ in Armenia is a significant event, scriptwriter and producer, Director General of the Mosfilm studio Karen Shahnazanov told journalists in Yerevan.

The film is to be premiered at the Moskva cinema in Yerevan at 7:00pm, Tuesday.

The film participated in many international festivals and received a Capri Art Award at the “Capri, Hollywood” international festival. The film was also selected as the Russian entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Award and for a Golden Eagle Award by the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia in eight categories.

“This is my first war film in the honor of my father and his companions-in-arms,” says Mr Shahnazarov. He liked novel ‘Tankman’ by Ilya Bolshov the film is based on.

“This is a new generation’s view. Of course, the war is passing deeper into history, but that event remains momentous. New generations come and take new views. It is right and inevitable. And the moral aspect: my father was a front-line soldier and he fought for three years. He graduated from the artillery school in Tbilisi and was on Admiral Isakov’s guard,” Mr Shahnazarov says. 

Physically, a war film is difficult to create. “When I realized the stuff was interesting I was also aware I would not find the physical strength if I waited for a few years. It is difficult to shoot a film involving forty-five or fifty tanks. On the other hand it is most interesting, and I gained great experience. I am happy I have created this film,” Mr Shahnazarov said.