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March 8 to April 7, the period of pre-school institutions and schools Stepanavan held a number of events dedicated to the awakening of spring, Motherhood and Beauty Holidays: Different culture and arts events in the city were in army school art exhibition at the concert, which of the city's

educational and cultural institutions, directors and employees of enterprises, local authorities and citizens simply art guests watched first exhibition where the works of the students of the department of fine arts school dedicated to women as well as the school's new art director, and pianist Amalia Barseghyan exhibition. pencil, oil paint and watercolor painted landscapes, portraits, nartyurmortner, interesting works of decorative and applied arts, as well as the women's jewelry and unique Accessories, all hand-made musician's wife then started hamegayin program, which sounded Kh. Avetisyan, A; Khachaturian, A. Mejinyani, Tchaikovsky, Vankhali other composers' works and renowned art school vocal ensemble, school pupils Haykaz Davtyan, Irina and Elena Aygunyane Mkrtchyan made the performances, which are going to participate in Gyumri "Renaissance" music festival. Their speeches were given their approval Women's Month activities and the concert programs were also Stepanavan Andranik Margaryan's Palace of Culture, during which time metsarvets woman and the beauty of the April 4, the House of Culture, represented by the Director of Anush Gharakeshishyani his next surprise was prepared for theater stepanavantsineri John hosted Vanadzor Abelyan State Theater actors, who presented the audience with a long-awaited performances Stepanavan of Vahe Shahverdyan director staged "In my moldy peach" play (script Nelly Shahnazaryan): The role of beloved actor, People's Artist of Jacob Azizyann the Month of April 5 measures. The Palace of Culture was held in the Georgian International Dance Festival on April 6 at the Stepanavan culture and entertainment center of the city was host to the Women's Hall of different organizations to participate in "Women in our lives zardn" to event attendants words of greeting and congratulation Culture and entertainment center said Garik Sukiasyan, deputy director Hasmik Sahakyan mothers and women dedicated to musical performances made Mr. Amiraghyan singer, singer Mary Khanumyane, kanonahar her Mikoyan, musicians Arkady Amiraghyan Ashot Davtyan, as well as students of the art school vocal ensemble (Artistic Director Gayane Pepelyan) dedicated to the beautiful words of the day and month herosuhinerin said haghordavarner Tatevik Gaginyann and Haig Sakanyane Thus, all days of the year magnify wife convened once a month, that was called the women's month, this event Stepanavan approached a beautiful ending.