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Resort Zone of Stepanavan May Be Destroyed

The people in Stepanavan have addressed a letter to the Prosecutor of Lori Regional Karen Shahbazyan on the issue of the lawfulness of “Stepanavan-2” SHP in the resort zone. 

“We have examined the documents and detected that the territory they mentioned is on the Dzoraget River, while the construction was launched on the tributary to the Dzoraget, Chqnagh River.This is our resort zone. Here water is drained to the pipes, and the whole fauna and flora and all beautiful landscapes have been destroyed. The public hearings were held on 18 January and nobody warned us about it. The website of the ministry didn’t mention the date of holding public hearings. On the same day the public hearings on the construction of two other HPPS were held, those of “Stepanavan-5” SHP and “Stepanavan-6” SHP”. We had no idea about them. I can’t understand, how two public hearings can be held simultaneously, which have impact on the same territory.

The way for Stepanavan development is tourism. This is a resort zone, which may turn into a resort place of international significance. But this will remain a dream, if SHPs are constructed in our beautiful places,” Said Stepanavan Aarhus Center Coordinator Manya Meliqjanyan in her interview with EcoLur.