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The Turkish writer calls Genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire the fact

Judicial proceedings concerning the Turkish journalist Temel Demirera accused of an insult of the Turkish identity on signs of infamous Art. 301 of UK of Turkey, are again postponed.


This fact, however, angered the journalist. "You can acquit me, and it is an imperative of a freedom of speech and thought. Or you can condemn me, I don't evade from it. However your court once again is engaged in the judicial proceedings concerning a historic fact, and I don't want that these judicial proceedings were postponed. Either acquit me, or pronounce a sentence".

Let's note that accusation of Temel Demirera's relation was brought after next day after Grant Dink's murder he told: "Dink killed not that he is Armenian, and for recognition of Genocide of Armenians".

It is remarkable that the above charge provides imprisonment for a period of 2 years, meanwhile as judicial proceedings proceed 4 years.

The next meeting had to take place on February 19, 2013.

Let's remind, the editor of the Akos newspaper leaving in Turkey Grant Dink was killed in Istanbul on January 19, 2007 before the edition building. January 17, 2012. The Istanbul court rendered a verdict on the this case. According to the decision, are justified and 18 suspects which participation in the armed terrorist group, planning and assistance in commission of crime the court counted not proved were released.

It is known that main accused of participation in Dink's murder – Yasin Hayal – was sentenced to life imprisonment, and Erkhan Tundzhel accused of the management of armed terrorist group and planning of murder, was justified.

Actually the performer of a crime, at that time the minor, Ogyun Samast, was detained day later after murder and in July of last year is sentenced to 21 year and 10 months of prison. For participation in murder crimes also suspected of planning were sentenced to 12 years and 6 months of imprisonment Ersin Yoldzhun and Ahmet Iskender.

Earlier, making comments on this fact, тюрколог Artak Shakaryan declared that real customers of murder of Dink bailed also unpunished, were condemned only "pressed a cock" – performers of a crime. He added that the international organizations, for example, Amnesty International adhere to the same point of view.

According to the expert, the international human rights organization declared that "Turkey literally failed this trial". A.Shakaryan also noted: the worst here that the court counted Dink's murder by not in advance planned crime, result of that can become sentence change to the performer of a crime Ogyuna Samasta.

On January 18, 2012 the rapporteur of European Parliament across Turkey expressed to Oymen Royten's RIA the disappointment concerning a verdict. According to her, this verdict is a striking example to what fight conduct the judicial authorities of Turkey against disturbing