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Stepanavan (Ստեփանավան)

Stepanavan (Ստեփանավան) — the city in the center of Loriysky area of Armenia.
The city is called Stepan Georgiyevich Shaumyan's name.
It is located on Dzoraget's river to the North from Bazumsky ridge on the Loriysky plateau. Distance to Yerevan — 144 km, to Vanadzor — 30 km.
The native of Karabakh Jalal, Jalal known as Jalal-ogly the son ("Jalal's son" in Turkic) was the founder of the settlement. At the beginning of the XIX century this Jalal-ogly moved with the family to the north Armenia. The tomb of the prince is on Stepanavan's Armenian cemetery. Up to revolution through the natural boundary (district) Jalal-ogly passed caravan tracks from Persia and Turkey to Tiflis and Russia. Therefore in Jalal-ogly it was grown old much "иджеванатунов" (inns, literally "hospitable houses"). After accession of East Armenia to the Russian Empire in 1828, in Jalal-ogly the fortress in which there was the Russian garrison was constructed. In Jalal-ogly, according to the legend, there was Denis Davidov, in the Russian Orthodox Church once being on a place of modern Recreation center of. A.Vermishchyana, the son of the Decembrist of Rajevski got married, and on present Stepanavan's Russian cemetery still there are graves of the Russian Cossacks.
In Jalal-Ogly in 1899 Stepan Shaumyan organized the Armenia's first Marxist circle. Members of a circle used a hectograph for printing of leaflets and went to the gorge of the river of Dzoraget proceeding near the city, in order to avoid problems with imperial gendarmes. In Jalal-ogly the Armenian writer, the poet and publicist Hovhaness Tumanyan went to school (elementary school of Ter-Davtyana). At the end of the 19th century, in Jalal-ogly the eminent person of national liberation movement, party member Dashnaktsutyun Ovsep Argutyan taught at school.

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In the Stepanavansky area, in 5 kilometers from the city of Stepanavan, near the village of the same name, on the edge of the gorge where the rivers Dzoraget and Miskhana merge, there are ruins of the medieval fortified city of Laurie. Laurie-Byrd ("Laurie fortress") the tsar of the Tashir-Dzoragetsky kingdom, David I Ankhokhin (David Bezzemelny), (989 — 1048), the founder of a dynasty Kyurikyan which is branch of the Armenian dynasty Bagratidov to what the medieval hronist Vardan Bardzraberdtsi testifies constructed.
The fortified city occupied the territory in 33 hectares. Rasstsvet Laurie-Byrd endured in the second half of the 11th eyelid, having become the capital of the Armenian kingdom of Tashir-Dzoraget during reign of son David I Ankhokhin, Gurgen I (1048 — 1090). Through Laurie-Byrd passed trade caravan tracks to Ania, Dvin, Tiflis's cities. In 1105 fortress was taken by Turks-seldzhuki. In 1118 the Georgian tsar David Stroitel attached Laurie-Byrd to the possession and Orbelyanov granted it to a princely sort. In 1185 fortress took over the Armenian princely sort Zakaryanov, borrowing in Georgia, at queen Tamara, important state and military positions.

In the spring of 1918 in Jalal-ogly the division of the Armenian army case under command of the national hero of Armenia, major general Andranik (Andranik Ozanyan, 1865 — 1927) settled down. In head "Byrd" ("fortress") about Jalal-ogly writes Armenian писатль Hachik Dashtents in the book "Call of Plowmen" about the Armenian - liberation movement of the beginning of the 20th eyelid. In Soviet period in the 1938th year I became the city of republican submission and the center of the Stepanavansky area
Strongly I suffered as a result of a destructive Spitak earthquake of 1988.
Stepanavan — the mountain resort known for the pine woods. The essential oils emitted by coniferous trees, possess strong bactericidal properties, thanks to it Stepanavan's impregnated with aroma of a pine mountain air, is useful to patients with problems of respiratory system. In recent years cases of barbarous unauthorized deforestation round the resort which, according to ecologists, can have irreversible consequences were noted.
In the city is available 6 high comprehensive schools and a gymnasium.

In 1238 Laurie-Byrd underwent invasion of Mongols under leadership of khan Chakhat to what the contemporary of events, the Armenian historian Kirakos Gandzaketsi testifies. In Laurie-Byrd's fortress the church and two baths one of which was heated by a method гипокауста (under a floor of a bath remained warm air and a smoke, by an example of baths in Garni, Ania, Amberd's Armenian fortresses, etc.) [6] circulated.
On the suburb of the city there is a medieval bridge of the XIII century.
In Stepanavan the first speaker of parliament of the First Armenian Republic (1918 — 1920) Avetik Saakian (not to confuse Avetik Isaakyan) was born. The house in which he was born, is to this day on Andranik Street (the former Lenin Street). [the source isn't specified 1334 days] In Stepanavan the national actor of the USSR and Armenian was born the Soviet Socialist Republic Sos Sargsyan.